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About Me


A little bit about me...

I come from a small town in the West Country (that you’ve probably never heard of) called Keynsham. It was originally a roman expansion settlement outside of Bath, but it (and by association, me) take our name from St. Keyna; the recluse who spent her life in a Somerset Wood.


In order to avoid such a fate myself I moved to London in 2008, in search of more people and something to drink other than cider. It did not disappoint.


I graduated from Drama School in 2011 and, while Rep may no longer be a thing, I like to think I followed the traditional path it laid out. I spent the beginning of my career 'cutting my teeth' in touring productions around Europe before eventually turning my sights back to London and the West End. Along the way I also picked up a love for voice work and my inevitable transformation into an audio nerd was sealed. 

When I’m not acting or recording, I like to spend my time sampling some of South London’s microbreweries, playing the guitar, singing with my choir or watching American Football. (Go Texans!) 



Oh, and in case you were wondering...

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