Tube Microphone in Studio
Why V/O?
My love of VO began at Drama School where I had my first taste of recording for radio. I then spent most of my final term annoying the cleaning staff by booking out the studio every night after school so I could practise my delivery. 

To begin with I focused on what I knew; Audio Dramas and Documentaries. Then after graduating I began to expand into Commercials, E learning and eventually ADR. Moving out of North London for more Southern pastures meant I was able to upgrade my equipment and recording environment, giving me an acoustically sound home studio setup that could turn around high quality audio any day, any time.

Hear me;

Commercial MixArtist Name
00:00 / 01:20
Accent Commercial reel Artist Name
00:00 / 01:16
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My Studio

I love Soho, but sometimes a 45 minute  journey into Central London is time we don't have. My home studio in South East London was designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind.
I record on a variety of microphones and edit using Twisted wave and audacity. I also have the ability to dial directly into studios for a live sessions via Source Connect.


I use the Gravy for the Brain and Equity rate cards as guides

These can  be found below: